Monday, July 29, 2013

Mary Worth

Ok, just get out your magnifying glass and read this if you haven't seen it already.  That's as big as I can get it.  I'm pretty sure you can all read it because my old eyes can.
Did I ever tell you how much Mary Worth bugs me?  I think she is a meddling old biddie who should mind her own business.
See that blond girl?  She just lost her husband and she is grieving at a spa.(Now that is a good plan)  Mary noticed her a few days ago and started "cheering her up."  She talked about how she recovered from her grief when her husband a million years ago!!!!!!!!!!!
That blond girl should punch her right in the nosey nose.  So from good old Mary's advice the blond girl will feel better in about thirty or forty years.  That should really perk up blond girl.
Mary, mind your own damn business. Wow, do I feel better.

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