Thursday, July 25, 2013

By George

Welcome, George Alexander Louis, Prince of Cambridge.  You finally have a name!
It took only a day to be revealed unlike your dad who didn't get a name for a whole week.  You must be happy to know what your name is.
I don't understand why people don't name their child right away.  When  I was pregnant, we chose two names, one for a boy and one for a girl and when they arrived, they had their name all ready for them.
Nowadays(OMG  I can't believe I just said that), parents to be have lists of names and wait to see the baby to see which name "fits" the baby.  If "Mary" or "John" doesn't seem to cut it the parents have alternatives.
I don't know, I just picked names we both liked.  We were all fine with it.  Although, I do admit, the  babies didn't get much say in the matter.  But they both seemed fine with it at the time.  I haven't had any complaints from them in all these years either.
I know my dad picked my name.  I don't know why he loved the name Susan so much but he did and that is what he always called me.  I hated my name for a long time but only because every other girl in school was named Susan also.  In my French class, there were so many of them by the time the teacher got to me and gave me a "French" name, I was Alice.  Emphasis on the last syllable.  I hated that too.  Wish I would have sat closer to the front of the room.
Names are a funny thing.  You can love or hate yours.  Some names get real popular and stay that way for a long time.  Just ask my DD.  Her name was super popular.  Who knew?  I thought it was unique.
Some names go out of style.  Just ask Ethel.
Some names come back in style.  Just ask Mabel.
Some names always mean you are cool.  Just ask Jack.
Some names can stand alone.  Just ask Cher.
Some names are fit for a prince.  Just ask George Alexander Louis.

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