Monday, July 22, 2013

The Waiting Game

Geez, I hate to wait.  Apparently so do the British people and the world's press.  They are all anxiously camped out in front of the hospital where the poor Kate Middleton is in labor.  I feel sorry for the girl.  Nobody cares how long she is in labor or if she is doing all right, they just want to see that baby so pop it out already.  They've been waiting for weeks.
It must be hard to live in a fishbowl like the Royals.  They have to keep calm and carry on and all that.  People always want to take their photo or touch their hand or something.
That poor baby.  I already heard that he or she will be the most photographed person in the world. And the poor kid hasn't even been born yet.  I hope the kid turns out like Suri Cruise who told the photographers to back off and stay away from her.
Now she is a "brat."   I hope the little royal prince or princess has the guts to do the same.  You go, Suri.  And how fun it would be to see a royal brat.  I'm loving the idea already!  Hey, the kid is going to be their ruler some day, they may as well learn respect right up front.

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