Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thoroughly Modern Susan

I use the computer.  I pay my bills on line. I write a blog.  I shop on line.....I am a modern woman.  Or so I thought until yesterday when I found out I am about as modern as a toothpick.
DH had to go to the emergency room because he hurt his foot and thought it might be broken so while I waited I looked through a magazine.  Did you ever try to look at a magazine in the ER waiting room?  They are so boring or old or ripped up you can't believe it.  Come on, people. Could you cough up the money for some decent magazines at least?
Anyway, I ended up reading Popular Science.  It was all about inventions.  They had an article that said there are more inventions happening now than ever before.  People thought computers would make people lazy but instead amateur inventors are able to get notice because of the Internet.
So  I read about a bike made out of cardboard.  No kidding.  The inventor wants to sell them for 30 bucks and raise enough to offer them free in third world countries.  I think that's amazing.
I also read about a beer syrup you can carry around, add seltzer and ta! da! you have beer anywhere, any time...pretty much.
Then I read about a guy who invented a new Ax.  Guess what, that's not a Paul Bunyon type Ax, it's a guitar with no body.  It works with Rock Star or whatever that Wii game is called or maybe it's on xBox.  Anyway, he thought if kids(and adults, let's be honest) were going to play along they may as well learn some skills too and learn how to really play.  I don't know how it works.  I hardly understood all the jargon.
Last but surely not least I read about a "smart ball" which is not for any sport.  It is a ball that first responders can use that is the size of a baseball and has infra red LED lights and six cameras.  Six.  You just remote it into a pad or a phone and you can look for survivors and it also can tell you if the air is safe to breathe or not.  I really really don't know how that works.
So when I was done, I realized I didn't know squat about the modern world and that I should probably read more science magazines.  My biggest question though was if we can do all that stuff why does it still take 2 and1/2 hours to get your possibly broken foot xrayed and send you home?????

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