Monday, July 29, 2013

Fluffy Clouds

So since I wrote a terrible entry on Saturday.  I thought I'd go the opposite route and talk about something that is lovely.
Today, as I was driving home from the grocery store, I saw a giant cloud ahead.  It was rather low in the sky and the blue sky gleamed above it.  I was stopped at a light and I noticed the cloud looked like a person resting on a bed with one arm raised.  It looked like the person was holding up the sky one handed!  Wouldn't that be something?  If you could hold up the sky with one hand?  Kind of like Atlas shouldering the globe.(Look it up if you don't know about Atlas)
Some days the clouds look so fluffy and dense to me they look good enough to eat.  I imagine they would be soft and sweet and vanilla-y.  You really see a lot of those kinds of clouds when  you are in an airplane.
DH is a cloud watcher but he is never looking for a person holding up the sky or a cow(I did see a cloud cow when I was a kid) he is always looking for weather patterns and rain off in the distance.  When we are at a winery one day, he said, Look at that cloud.
I thought Oh here we go, more rain on the way or the wind is coming in from the southeast.  But no, he said, Doesn't that look just like a bunny?
That's why I love him.  He is full of surprises.

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