Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Spelling Bee

I don't really think about spelling much these days, being retired from teaching and all but the other day I saw a sign in my neighborhood that said English Bulldogge puppies for sale.
Now I don't know about you but I'm not sure I would buy a DOG from somebody who couldn't even spell it.....unless I'm wrong and that's how the English spell DOG.  You know like YE OLDE TAVERN, Ye Smalle Dogge.  However, I don't think so.
But it got me to thinking about those poor kids in the spelling bees.  I have experience being in a spelling bee.  As a fourth grader I was in the all school spelling bee and got knocked out on the first word they gave me.  It was kindergarten.  I spelled it kintergarden.  I was out, not to mention humiliated.  The ironic part is as an adult I  spent 20 years teaching kindergarten!!!  And anyway, everyone knows it's kinnygarden. Right?
You'd think nowadays we wouldn't have to worry about spelling with auto correct and spell check.  Not so my friend.  I once typed didnt into a story and spell check wanted me to replace it with that most common word "dint".  HUH?
My daughter and I were texting and I told her something and she replied with the weirdest comment about about handbag downtown and it turned out she had been autocorrected into it.  It was totally inane and made no sense at all. It was good for a laugh though.
So maybe it's good that those kids in spelling bees have to spell words we never heard of and they will never use again(especially in those National Spelling Bees, I never know any of those words).  We wouldn't want them to be totally auto corrected for life, think of the miscommunication there would be."Hon, please buy milk."
" What do you want with a mink?"
"I don't wait for a mink.  I want milk."
Pretty soon you'd have a who's on first scenario!
Speling is imporant so yew jest haf to now how to do it>  Rite?

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