Thursday, July 11, 2013


See Sally and Jane?  They are friends.  I heard Jane tell someone on TV a few years back that they had a pact to never, never have plastic surgery and to grow old gracefully--you know, kind of like Katherine Hepburn.
I was so proud of them.  SO proud that they were not going to bend to the Hollywood standard and just be themselves.  Now she never said no Botox mind you but I can live with that.
So imagine my shock and dismay when I saw an ad for the new television show on Oprah's network about stars and their plastic surgery and who regrets it and there was Jane happily saying she had an eyelift or eye bags removed.  I don't remember because I was in total shock.  I was so disappointed.
So far Sally has remained mum as far as I know.  I hope she didn't do it too....but to be honest I think she probably did.
We are so positive that young is better.  Old age is a crime and an inconvenience at least .  It should be totally obliterated.  What we fail to realize is that the baby boomers are all heading to old age faster than a speeding bullet and they are the ones who have disposable cash.  Hopefully, they don't all feel compelled to have plastic surgery.
A family friend of ours had a facelift when she was in her seventies.  No kidding.  She looked rather ridiculous as her face was a smooth and pink as a baby's bottom but the rest of her was still seventy something.  I don't think she thought about people looking at all of her, just her face.
Luckily for Jane Fonda et al, they usually are only photographed all dolled up and mostly just their faces.  So I guess you can suspend your disbelief and just think you look young under those circumstances.  But when those fancy gowns come off, don't you worry, baby boomers, they look just like us.

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