Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dogs and Politics

I've been noticing that John Kerry is looking more and more hangdog every time I see him.  I couldn't decide what dog he reminded me of until I watched him on television the other day and thought of this:
See what I mean?  I think our Secretary of State should look a little less.........like a sad dog.  I'm just saying.  It seems he would be much more effective if he looked a little less sorry.
Now, Hillary Clinton never looked like a basset hound.

She  never looked sorry or defeated, maybe old and tired and heaven knows, make up free but she always looked like she was strong.  She made me think of another kind of dog:

Yep, a take no prisoners bulldog. 
Now, Anthony Weiner is another story.  I hate to even compare him to a dog because it is an insult to the dogs of the world.
He is a complete insult to the American people to think he can be a leader after being an admitted sexter.  I couldn't help but think he reminds me of  this dog:
Well, except the dog is smiling. We all know Anthony has little to smile about.
But Weiner is little and yappy and obviously, over stimulated.
Again, let me say, no offense is intended toward any dog, pet or otherwise.  Offense may be intended toward at least one of the humans but I'm not saying who.  Just take a guess.

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