Friday, June 13, 2008

At A Loss for Words

You know weird things always happen to me. I went to work out at the Y on Thursday morning. I was really feeling proud of myself. I had purchased some new workout clothes for the summer--a halter looking top and shorts so I wouldn't get so sweaty as I did the other day. The last time I went I headed straight into the shower after meeting "Granny Underpants" because I was still a giant sweating ball of sweat(I was really sweaty) as soon as I walked in the door. I even drank my bottle of water in the shower!

Anyway, now that I was properly dressed I was sure things would go better and I would sweat but not to such a degree. So I felt pretty cocky as I walked into the Y. Oh, did I tell you the pool is closed for repairs? Well, it is and has been for over a week. It is empty, empty, empty.

As I check in and prance for the door, the lady at the desk says to me "Are we going swimming?"...HUH????? WHO, me?????? Isn't the pool closed????? I thought all those things but I just looked at her and said no. Oh, says she and she goes back to work.

Now I ask you, just because I had on a halter top do you think she thought I was in my bathing suit? And if she did, why didn't she just say the pool was closed, did I know? Wouldn't that have been more direct?

Now she should have felt like a dummy and maybe she did, I don't know because I was so busy being embarrassed myself?? Do I look that dumb? Do all the swimmers come in their bathing suits and carry a plastic bag? It was a little one too. You couldn't even get a beach towel in it if you try. It is just for my water and earphones. Maybe she thought it was so hot that I was just going to air dry my pitiful, uninformed self!

Oh, I wish I could have said. "Lady, that was a pretty giant leap you just took there. Look at me. Do you really think I'm going swimming? Hasn't the pool been closed for a week? Do I look that stupid to you? Wait, don't answer that. Just think before you speak would you? It isn't that hard if you keep practicing." Then I would turn on my heel and flounce off to my workout. Instead I tucked my tail and slunked down to the workout room.

I really was at a loss for words!

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