Friday, June 20, 2008


I get a lot of guff about the expression I use frequently...OHMYGOSH!!! I use it instead of the OMG that is so popular or any other little acronym like that. Really, it came from an old student of mine way back in the day who wrote it in a joke for a end of the year writing assignment. Here it is:
What did the woman say to the nekid(sic) man?.......You guessed it..... OHMYGOSH! This was a second grader and it was probably the funniest joke I ever heard. Luckily for me she did not feel the need to illustrate. My aide and I laughed until we nearly fell off our chairs. I still remember that kid to this day. By the way, she did write another joke that I don't remember and that is the one we edited and she turned in as a final product.
OHMYGOSH!!! Tomorrow is my root canal. I can't tell you how much I am dreading going to this appointment. You know how much I hate the dentist and frankly, I don't even know what a root canal really is...I just know I don't want one. The office called me yesterday to confirm and the girl was really shocked when I said I was coming but I wasn't sure if I would have the procedure as I haven't had any pain recently. She just said that it would just be worse the next time. What does that even mean?? She couldn't really say.
My heart is already pounding and I know tomorrow will be miserable because of the Novocaine and I bet my tongue will get beat up again and it will be a few days before I feel better. So I am already a little shaky and distracted. I feel sorry for the dentist tomorrow as he will probably have to pry my jaws open with um....the jaws of life. I don't like being like this and wouldn't Eckhart Tolle, the enlightened one, be disappointed in me. I am not living in the now...I am living in the tomorrow!!!!
OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!! Did you ever want to just close your email box and never open it again?? Probably everybody does once in a while and this while is mine. I am so sick of Obama knocking emails and slandering comments about him and people complaining. I have email to keep in touch and enjoy communication with my friends and family so spare me the downers and the doom predictions. Really!
OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a bunch of crazy dreams last night. I haven't had any dreams I can remember for a long time. I used to take a certain medication that gave me the most wild and realistic dreams. Sometimes I miss it but it did sap me of some of my brain cells for during the day so I am glad to be off it. Last night wasn't realistic but at least they were memorable. I love dreams and remembering them. I'm not telling about them though as they are fading from my memory even as I write this. They were good though, I didn't even want to wake up this morning!

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