Monday, June 30, 2008

Observations from a Weekend

Did you see John McCain's new buddy? He must have read my blog about Joe Lieberman. This guy was sitting with him as he expounded on some subject and honest to goodness I think the guy fell asleep while McCain was talking! He started awake when the applause started. I don't know who the heck he was but it was funny as all get out.
If you have to hunt for treasure, don't be first to rush through the cobwebs, up a ladder or into a crevice. Oh, and don't be last. For some unknown reason, ancient hiding places that have special openers in rocks or cave walls or whatever ALWAYS WORK even after hundreds and possibly thousand of years. Anyway, after you get in, that is where things start to deteriorate. Sometimes the ancient stuff works for a little while (hence, don't be last) and sometimes it just falls apart when somebody touches it.
Which leads me to another rule of treasure hunting--don't touch anything!!!!! Remember that big rock that chased Indiana Jones in the original movie???? There always seems to be some hidden trap or killing machine in those treasure-y places.
Don't be second either. The ladder might hold for one person or the falling apart staircase might last for one person to go by but then you never know.....oh, don't be third either.
Cooking dinner while watching a movie is probably not the best idea. It really can break up a movie and you could lose the train of thought. Or you could burn dinner. The choice is yours.
If you ever get on one of those cooking shows, be careful what you do in the kitchen. I saw a girl last night try to open a bottle of juice and she broke the darn thing right by the flattop grill--hence, she had to throw away everything on the grill. Her partner was a little unhappy(to put it mildly) she had to throw away a duck comfit(whatever that is) ... Looked like a duck leg to me. And the girl got sent home--Quel Suprise!! Bet her partner(who was picked at random) was relieved. She'll never get stuck with her again.
SO that is the advice I learned this weekend. Don't choose advisers who sleep when you are talking, don't go first or last on a treasure hunt and be careful in the kitchen. Whew!!! That's a lot of learnin' for one weekend.

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