Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just Like Riding A Bike

I've been pedaling my little heart out at the Y. The stationary bike is a good challenge and it is strengthening my legs for the real thing. I had that innocent and naive idea since I started working out. HA!
We got our bikes fixed up at a nice bike shop and they look like new. All the gears work and the brakes are fresh. The seats are at the right height and the tires are new. All that was left was to get on and go!
Easier said than done! I got my leg over--think cowboy trying to get on a horse that was too high. I finally took hold of my leg and hoisted it over the bike to the other side. AH, that was better and I was ready to go. Now I haven't ridden a bike since my kids were little so I was a little nervous. But you know what they say--you never forget how to ride a bike. So I looked down our driveway and the curb at the end of the driveway and decided I didn't remember how to handle a curb so I just straddled and walked my bike to the street, held my breath and got on. I started pumping and it all came back to me.................
OH NO IT DIDN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wobble, wobble the front wheel careened from side to side. I knew I was going to fall off but I didn't . I adjusted and calmed myself and started to peddle down the street and it was going very well. After two or three minutes, I was headed back toward home and I remembered the curb again. So I thoughtfully slowed down at my neighbor's drive and walked the bike up the curb got back on and promptly fell off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't even riding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I caught myself before I hit the ground, thank goodness. The humiliation however was hurtful enough. Because, of course, in our quiet neighborhood nobody saw me streaming down the street, the wind ruffling my silver hair, my bike not wobbly,oh, no, that would be too good to be true.
When I fell, they were out in droves. A man went by on his bike(not wobbly at all), a couple was walking their dog and another couple was on their evening walk. I felt so embarrassed I could barely walk my bike up the driveway(What? You thought I would get back on and ride...Puh-leeze!)
So the next time I ride I will need full body armor but there will be a next time. I will just make do with a helmet!

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