Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hail to the(possible) Chief

Okay , I keep getting emails that Barack Obama is the antiChrist. Please, you think the evil antiChrist would be so obvious that someone could pick him out in a trice??? I think that the evil one is more clever than that. Poor Barack is just too too obvious and so many are already against him, I'm pretty sure he's not it.
Anyway, I hope I stop getting those emails. I saw Barack Obama on YOUtube yesterday giving a speech at a church in Chicago about fathers. He was very forceful and his message was strong. Men aren't men when they shirk their responsibility. Conception doesn't make you a dad. We need to have high expectations of our children. He talked about how his father left them and how his grandparents helped to raise him. He talked about how he didn't want to be like his father and he wanted to stay and raise his daughters. It is a pretty good speech. You can listen to it on YOUtube-- just search for Obama and father's day and it should pop right up. The most telling 18 minutes we've had concerning the man and what he thinks.
Michelle Obama was on The View yesterday too. I was at work but I caught that on YOUtube too. First, she looked really pretty. She had on a cute dress and her hair was not helmety. She spoke graciously of Laura Bush, affectionately of her husband and proudly of her children. This is a woman you would want to be friends with. She was funny too. Even the staunch Republican, Elizabeth, was respectful of her. Barbara Walters seemed a little out of it. Maybe it's time for her to retire(?). She wanted to know if Hillary would be the VEEP candidate. Like Michelle was going to tell her(!) but in a quiet aside Barbara said we probably wouldn't get an answer to that question. REALLY?????? The candidate's wife wasn't going to spill it on national television??? What kind of celebrity is she anyway?????
Oh, that's right. She's not a celebrity. She is the wife of a politician and the now most influential man in the Democratic party. Luck for us, she looks and acts the part!

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