Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday Night, Date Night

Yes, two dates in one weekend. I can't even believe it myself. This one did not require any profuse sweating! We went to the Greek Festival at my sister in law's church. What a madhouse!! There were wall to wall people. We thought that it would be less crowded because it rained but oh was packed.
We got a drink and got in the food line to decide what to eat...whoops, wrong line. We got in the gyro line and got gyros and fries from my nephew and proceeded to find someplace to sit and eat. Not easy finding a place for three adults at tables of eight but we finally did and sat down with two very nice ladies who were not Greek either. They had shared a plate of food that was so filled they could hardly eat their way through it. It was a middle age woman and her mom who had some kind of accent. It was really hard to hear because of all the people and I just kept smiling and nodding when the mom talked... I could have been agreeing to a world takeover and domination for all I knew. Her daughter was sitting closer to me and she was friendly and told me a funny story about being on a flight to Minneapolis when her boss called and asked her to come in to work!
My son loves baklava. In case you don't know it is a pastry made from filo dough(paper thin crunchy sheets when baked) encasing a rich nut and honey mixture. It is VERY SWEET. Personally it makes my teeth ache but he loves loves loves it. It is really funny that he loves that and marzipan so much(made with almonds FYI) as his dad has terrible allergies to food and if you fed him a piece of baklava he would have to go to the emergency room and would probably die. If I eat something with nuts I can't even kiss him until I brush my teeth. He has had two attacks since I have known him and believe me they are terrible and frightening although now that I think of it one was pretty funny. He looked like a chipmunk with his swollen cheeks. I still wouldn't want to go through that again!!!
They also make these Greek donuts that are smothered in honey and ohmygosh, they are straight from heaven. The honey gets all soaked into the ball of dough and look out!!! They are amazing.
Isn't it funny how almost every culture has some sort of fried dough?? It might be donut like or sometimes crispy like such as elephant ears and angel wings. My old Swedish gramma had some kind of kitchen tool that was shaped like a star and she dipped that in batter and fried it and then put powdered sugar on them. You used to be able to get a reasonable facsimile of them at Geauga Lake when I was a girl.
Anyway after stuffing our faces and drinking some Greek wine and beer(for the boys) we marched back to the car which was FAR and went home. And guess what, got a whole box of Greek donuts to take home with us and once again we were in bed by 10:30. Another hot date for us!

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mike gesing said...

you know, i didn't see anything about a certain 13 year-old niece in these many, MANY postings you have here.AND WHO GOT THOSE HONEY BALLS??????????
- your 13 year-old niece