Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Want Candy

The night before last, I wanted a candy bar. I probably haven't had a candy bar in the better part of a year so what was up with that I don't know. I just wanted one. My husband readily agreed to get me one and asked me what I wanted. So many choices!!! How could I possibly pick one? I decided to pick something that I hadn't had in a VERY LONG I came up with Nestles Crunch. Yummy. I used to love those. I loved the crispie part of it as much as the chocolate. So it was a good choice or so I thought.
When I got it I proceeded to break it up while still inside the wrapper so I could savor it a little at a time and then I opened it. It happened to be crispy side up and to my surprise the crispies looked very tiny. Kinda like the little bubbles in gingerale. Wha...? That's not right. They should be bigger like Rice Krispies almost. Well, I had my first bite and guess what? IT IS NOT THE SAME CANDY BAR! It tastes different. Not as crunchy. Not as chocolate-y. Oh my gosh I just wasted all those calories on something I didn't even like.
So that is a new rule for the CheapO diet. You can have a little candy but make sure it is something you REALLY REALLY like. And oh yes, it should be small. Not one of those regular size candy bars. Choose a junior or even better a miniature. If you do that just hide the bag in the freezer and take out one at a time. If you can't resist more than one, have your husband or someone hide the bag from you. Hiding the bag never really worked for me as I would spend the better part of the day ripping the house apart looking for it and before you knew it I knew all the hiding places Kevin chose. So if you are like that just have a candy bar. Just do it only once a year!
Now don't think that means you only get something sweet once a year. Just wait til I reveal the birthday and holiday plans...

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