Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Boot Was Made for Walking

So I am hanging out with "Arnold Schwarzenegger". That is what the podiatrist calls the god awful boot I have to wear on my foot since my misstep on Saturday. I have to wear it for at least 3-6 weeks. I have to wear it to bed this week even! I can take it off to shower thank goodness. It is heavy, ugly, black and HOT(as in temperature not Paris Hilton hot).
I have a tertiary sprain and a chipped bone in my left foot. I have injured this foot in the past like three or four times now and it has always been something stupid like Saturday.
Once I broke my foot getting up from the couch. My foot had fallen asleep and I stepped on the top of it and not the bottom--I know-creepy isn't it?? The second time I slipped on some ice and hit my foot on the edge of the open car door...at the nursing home...with my kids who thought I had disappeared---until they came around to my side of the car and looked down!!
Then I injured it by mall walking. I think I have expounded on that once before so I will spare you today.
I HATE MY LEFT FOOT--what is left of it. The doctor couldn't believe I could even walk into the office-- it is that cranked up. (You can substitute whatever word you like for cranked--my favorite starts with "f".) I will be living on Motrin and my behind for at least this whole week. My husband will have to live on carry out and he will have to carry me too if it gets too painful but I know he will do both cheerfully, bless him!
My family will be great. My daughter is coming home next week and has already volunteered to cook and my son will pitch in wherever he can. My sis is always on my side so I have no worries!
I DO have to wear the darn thing to two weddings though. It sure will cramp my fashion style but oh well, it could be worse right?? And who says a rose color dress and a GIANT BLACK BOOT don't go together???...the fashion police??? What do they know?

P.S. Do you believe that Schwartzenegger is in the spell check???!!!???

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