Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday Night, Date Night

We were out last night and while we were gone, my brother in law called and wanted to ask something. He was sure we were out on the town, dancing or clubbing or out to dinner or a show as we are empty nesters. His kids are younger so they are still steeped in all the driving and kids' activities we all go through when we have kids.
Oh, we were out all right. On the most thrilling date--we were WORKING OUT AT THE YMCA!!!!! I know you all cannot contain your jealousy. By 7:30 p.m. we had worked up a giant sweat each and were almost ready to come home. We stopped and got dinner after our workout and got home by 8 pm. I know, I know, lucky us.
Kevin worked the treadmill and I did my usual minus the treadmill as I had cut the grass earlier in the afternoon and that was as much walking as I had in me yesterday. Kevin hopped on the machine I usually use and I felt a little pang of ownership but I slapped it down. After all, I wasn't even going to use the thing.
Every time we go we learn a little more about the machines. I learned how to up the resistance on the stationary bike yesterday and got a better work out for it. I also added time to my step machine--a whole two minutes!! Kevin has been working out the incline on the treadmill and has found his favorite now also.
For the two laziest old things to ever come down the pike, I am really proud of our progress. We made not be Arnold Schwarzenegger and I don't know...who is the female Arnie??? Probably one of those female American Gladiators. But we are getting strong and healthy.
Pretty good for two couch potatoes! So anyway, after all this we were in bed and probably snoring by 10:30!!! So what a date night we had!

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