Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oldies but Goodies

I was so sorry to hear of the unexpected passing of George Carlin. I really loved his humor and thought he was irreverent and funny. He was raunchy sometimes and politically incorrect at times and disrespectful at other times but it was always with a wink and a nudge. I never really thought he was offensive but I know some did. His "Wonderful WINO" bit was my favorite and also his riff on words you couldn't say on television.
On my soap opera yesterday, they dragged out the oldest living cast member for the first time in a long time. Sh is probably in her nineties now and looks to be in fragile health. She has always been the confidant of one of the main characters and he is in a bad way right now so he needed her. When he came back (from beating someone up...I told you he was in a bad way) to his office, there she was sitting behind his desk looking all wise and frail. She had a dialogue with him and then they cut to another scene. When they returned to the conversation, the old lady had been moved to the couch in the office. I just had visions of someone telling a stage hand to pick her up and plop her on the couch! She still looked frail but to her credit she had a large tumbler of whiskey in front of her!
In the Plain Dealer yesterday, there was a list about old people. Some of the facts were pretty interesting. For instance, did you know that Kirk Douglas' personal trainer is 95 years old?? Did you even know that Kirk Douglas had or needed a personal trainer??(by the way Kirk is only 91)
The world''s oldest living clam was 405 years old when last year scientists decided to kill it(!!?).
Oh and CHeeta(you know, Tarzan's old buddy??) is 75 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even more surprising is that he has a Myspace.com page. REALLLY????????????????????
And then on the news I heard about a man who is 101 years old and still has his driver's license and he drives every day. YIKES!!! He also went on to say that he lives alone and does all his own cooking. They are not sure he is the oldest driver in Ohio though because the DMV only keeps your records until you're 99 years old..............what a bunch of slackers!!
Anyway, old people are more and more in the news because we are living longer and heck, we baby boomers will be there soon and there are SO MANY OF US! I'd love to be the oldest living something...I'm just not sure what! Not a 405 year old clam, that's for sure.

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