Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Give blood if you can. We do and it really makes me feel good. I like the thought of helping my fellow man. My life was saved by frozen plasma a few years ago so I really want to give back! Just think they could put frozen plasma into your body and it does something good! You would think it would turn you into a Popsicle or something but it doesn't. The most amazing part is that I could go home the next day. I had to take it easy but home I went.
I can still remember being in the operating room. I was rushed there from the doctor's office and went in through emergency. I told the doctor I felt like I was on ER because they kept saying "stat" and other medical terms I'd learned from the show. That made them laugh.
I remember in triage(learned that from MASH) the nurse couldn't believe I was even sitting up--My blood pressure was that low. So anyway, you know the result as I am still here.
It isn't easy to give blood. It's not for the faint of heart or for someone who hates needles. I have to be honest here. I did say you should give if you can.
It doesn't take very long--the longest part is the questionnaire and the little exam they do. It requires nothing but a finger prick and a heart listen. Once you are hooked up, you squeeze a little ball for about ten minutes and you fill a bag. Presto! You may have saved somebody's life just like someone saved mine.
There is always a prize. Sometimes it is a tee shirt, a pin or a coupon for an inexpensive restaurant. They give out other things too--that is just a sampling. The best part if after you get cookies(and sometimes pizza) and a drink. I don't really eat cookies any other time of the year(except Christmas) so it is a real treat. I hardly ever drink a sugary soda either so it is double fun for me.
After you give blood, you have to take it easy for a few hours. No house work or heavy lifting or washing dishes or anything like that. After you lose blood like I did it takes a long time to get back to normal. About a year. I was sluggish and had memory loss and had a hard time talking because I couldn't find the words. It was all after effects of the blood loss I sustained.
So give blood if you can. You might be tired for a couple of hours but the person you help will be grateful for a lifetime.

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