Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Tale of Two Cats

Aaron is named after the boy who used to own her and mistreat her. Really we think the boy's name was Aaron but he gave his name when my daughter asked the cat's name and so the name stuck.
Moose is named after a horse. She was born in a barn on a dude ranch and she got the name from a five year old boy. He took a lot of pride in telling me how he named her.
Aaron has an eating disorder. She is bulimic. It probably comes from when she was young and didn't know if she would get another meal.
Moose is just a pig. She always knows where her next meal is coming from and she cries until she gets it. She gets treats too. Her owners are easy marks.
Aaron is a cryer. She cries even if you are in the same room with her. It sounds like a combination between a cry and a howl and a screech.
Moose knows how to talk. No, really. She says "Mom" but not that nicely. It's more like a snotty teenagers "Mo-o-M" If she could roll her eyes she would.
Aaron likes to sit down on the foot of the bed. She sits on a little blanket that her owner put there for her.
Moose like to lie on the bed as close to the pillow as possible. One of her owners is allergic--that's why...I'm sure of it.
Aaron is a people cat. She loves company and struts around and gets in everyone's face until they pet her and compliment her.
Moose is a scaredy cat. She hides if she hears the least little noise. She doesn't come out until she knows it's safe.
Erin and Moose are both black. They both have a tendency to slink around a bit. Even though Aaron is skinny and Moose is fat(sorry, chunky) they both have a tendency to blend into the background especially in the evening so you could trip over them. Almost have, over both of them.
Erin and Moose are loved and loving. I never used to like cats--in fact, I would have said I hated cats. But Moose and her cute little kitty ways changed my mind. I still don't like cats on the counters or on the table and I am cleaning up cat fur constantly but she has been a good friend to me and I love her dearly. Oh, and Aaron is ok too.

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