Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Keep on Walkin'

I am a mall walker. I am not a fanatic about it but I try to go up there at least three times a week. On the weekends Kevin and I go together. It is good for our health plus we go out to breakfast after we are done. We even walked for Meals on Wheels a couple of weeks ago. It feels good to do something healthy and help a great organization at the same time. Our son came too. That really made me proud. But, as you know, pride goeth before a fall.
MY FEET ARE KILLING ME! Not just as in, I am tired from a long day or an especially long walk, oh no, as in I am an old lady who needs a podiatrist. I am limping around here today like I have thousand pounds on my feet. I am stepping gingerly and as little as possible until I can get to the doctor.
I have to go as tomorrow we leave on our vacation to visit our daughter. I cannot be in Vegas and not be able to walk! I have things to do, slots to pull, sights to see, shopping, hosting a party for our daughter's coworkers. There is no time for pain!
The pain did not really hit until last night. Oh, I've had twinges but you know how it is...you think it will be better in the morning or it is just arthritis. So today I crawled out of bed at 7am, took my shower, put on toenail polish and called the doctor. On line, it said they opened at 8 am. Wrong-9am. So I am writing to you while I wait to call. Luckily, they have same day service or I don't know what I would do.
Oh yes I do. I would visit Dr. Scholl. I would try to find some kind of insert to help with the pain and just bite the bullet. I am an excellent bullet biter.
Anyway, do you remember the Real McCoys? They had old Granpappy Amos and he limped around the farm(?) and pumped his arms up and down as he walked. That's me minus the arm pumping.
So very soon I will hobble to the doctor and get fixed up--if they accept my insurance and if they really have same day appointments! Then I'll be ready to go and have a great time in Vegas.

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