Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Man, Oh, Man

Powerful men interest me. I think a powerful man should be strong- looking, acting and thinking. He should present well to the public. He should look healthy and attractive and well dressed. A powerful man should command respect and should be admirable in some way. I guess I am saying that he should look and act the part.
George Bush is a powerful man. Did you see him on his visit with Putin in Russia? Oh my gosh, he looked like a nervous school boy. I don't think the leader of the free world should be shrugging his shoulders in a nervous kind of way as Putin talks to him. It was pretty obvious that Putin makes Bush uncomfortable. Is Putin unapproachable? Is there a language barrier? Does Putin understand English and Bush understand no Russian whatsoever? Probably all of those are true. After all, Putin is ex KGB. Anyone who wasn't a little intimidated by him would be just plain stupid. But to me, a powerful man wouldn't let his body language show it! Especially not on television!
Another powerful man is Ted Turner. Doesn't he own Atlanta or something? Well, at least he used to be married to Jane Fonda and she married powerful men. Anyway, he has a theory that he was happy to share with the media--that in thirty or forty years we would all be cannibals. Our society as it stands today will fall into oblivion. Well, Ted, thanks for sharing that. Too bad you have NOTHING BETTER TO DO!!!!! Like use your money to help solve problems. No wonder Jane left you--none too soon if you ask me.
John McCain is a powerful man too. He is running for president unopposed in his party. Did you see him in Memphis during the MLK memorial service? He made a speech but I didn't hear any of it. I saw it on Jon Stewart and he was talking in a rainstorm while a BLACK MAN held an umbrella over his head!!!!!!!! WHAT?????????????? Wouldn't you have at least asked for a white guy?? I would have--it would seem only right to me, since he was talking about civil rights and all. Or here's a concept, how about holding your own umbrella??????????? The umbrella holder wasn't too interested in the speech anyway. He just kept staring off into space around McCain. He reminded me of one of my students who was tired of listening to me go on and on. It was pretty funny.
Anyway, there are a lot of powerful men out there and if this trio is a sampling of them I say we might be in trouble. Not as much trouble as Ted Turner thinks we're in but trouble just the same!

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