Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Not the Only One

Well, I went back to Oprah class yesterday. It was the same old enlightenment. Just so you know. I listened to them talk about how to get rid of your pain body. Everybody has one of those. It is all the things that make you feel sad or bad about yourself. Some of us have little ones and some of us have big ones. I think mine is medium size but I'm not sure.
They also talked about how we "enlightened beings" should interact with the rest of you. You know who you are!! Some guy named Dave wanted to know how he could get his wife more enlightened.
Now, Dave, I would have said(had he asked me)- that is not very enlightened of you. Nobody can fix another human being. (I would have needed a barf bag on the side for gagging into.) He was such a sanctimonious little man. He didn't like arguing with her. My guess is that he didn't like the arguments because she was usually right. He did see light at the end of the tunnel though.(Barf bag alert). As he printed the worksheets for this weeks class, the wife looked at them and said "Oh, you're talking about me." This he found as a sign of hope.
Now I don't know about you but that all seems a little self righteous doesn't it? Dave needs to get a grip and show his wife that he loves and respects her not that he needs to fix her. Bottom line, if I could talk to Dave's wife, she would get my utmost sympathy for putting up with that jerk!!
Even Oprah(the second most enlightened being on the planet after Eckhart Tolle) was rolling her eyes. I didn't think she had much of a leg to stand on though as she told a story about how she was in a room with someone with a GIANT pain body and it was so awful she had to leave the room. Now that is enlightenment--find a fellow man with problems and just scurry from the room! God forbid you should try and help.
I know I sound like a judgemental old thing now but really, these are the people who are enlightened?? Give me darkness any day!

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