Saturday, April 5, 2008


Yesterday we were watching the SciFi channel. They have some really clever promotional ads that they run between programming. The one I really like is a young woman who arrives in a truck and as she gets ready to exit the vehicle it transforms down to the size of a quarter and she tosses it in her purse. I want that! How cool would that be. You would never have to worry about a parking place and you could drive right up to the door of anywhere! And she chucked it into a clutch bag so you don't even need a really big purse. That is right up my alley.
Another vehicle I want really exists. It is called a segue. It is a scooter that you propel with your body . Just lean forward and off you go Lean to the left or right and that is the way you go. I love that thing! The employees at Epcot use them and I just go green with envy.
Speaking of going green, it would be a great way to do that. I think they should be standard issue when you turn 50 anyway. You stay more in the neighborhood as you get older and it would be an easy way to go from the house to the grocery or over to a neighbor's.
Some gated communities only let you use a golf cart. I'd love one of those too. I don't play golf but who cares about that? I like the idea of tooling around in a little vehicle that is open like a golf cart. You could feel the wind in your hair.
Bikes are good too. It took me until the fourth grade to learn to ride a two wheeler without training wheels(oh, I know) so it is a skill I would want to keep for the rest of my life. It is also a healthy activity.
The only trouble with a bike is that if you are going to ride for any length of time, you really need a helmet. Talk about the funniest looking accessory, the helmet is it. Every time I see one of those bike helmets, even on Lance Armstrong, they make me laugh. They make everyone look like a mushroom head! I am still a little vain so I don't think I would like that. Maybe, if it was pink........

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