Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Home on the Range

We spent some time on Mt. Charleston int he Spring Mts. and at Red Rock park the last two days. They are both beautiful and majestic. You feel inspired to sing America the Beautiful.
It was really warm at Red Rock and nice and cool at Mt. Charleston. There was a lodge at the top of the mountain with horse drawn carriage rides and a Christmas shoppe. The million dollar plus homes are perched like eagle's nests and have a spectacular view. The streets are named Kris Kringle and Jack Frost and Snow White. I loved it up there. It was like Fantasy land for grown ups.
Red Rock was stark and looked more like desert. There was an old quarry and vistas that were breath taking. You could hike and climb. my husband and daughter did a little climbing and I just got sick to my stomach! I couldn't bear the thought of either one of them losing their footing. Of course, they are both fine. However, my fears are not unfounded as there was an airlift on Mt. Charleston the day we were there and also at Red Rock--they even had to close the scenic drive through the park to clear out the victim(s).
The craziest thing is just 20 minutes from this wild and remote beauty is VEGAS!!!! As you drive away from either place you cans see the Stratosphere and NYNY in the skyline. It is kind of freaky. Talk about from the sublime to the ridiculous!
We are seeing a side of Vegas that I never really thought about. The people who live here have nice communities. There are gated neighborhoods and construction all over the place. They are even building new highways(and I mean brand new). I know one thing for sure, I have never seen so many restaurants in my life. If I lived here I would never cook again! Within a mile of my daughter's condo, there are 500 restaurants(really) and if you go to 5 miles the number is astronomical!! So I really wouldn't cook. Really!

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