Sunday, April 13, 2008

Horton Sees a"What the heck??"

We had breakfast at an IHOP yesterday morning and a little boy behind us ordered the Whoville pancakes. Have you seen the ad for those things?? Horton the elephant comes running over to talk to the kid's pancakes(whatever) It is a stack of pancakes with pink and blue rivers of Icing or syrup coming down and a lollipop stuck in the top. Every time we see the ad I cringe. They looked so gross to me.
Nothing could prepare me however for the sight of the real thing! Imagine that stack with the lollipop and the rivers of pink and grayish purple(yep, so not blue) sliding down the sides. The two colors had blended together and hence the purplish stuff. And for the clincher it came with a side of chocolate chips! YUM!
We could hardly wait to see what the kid(who looked to be about 4 or 5) would do once he got the breakfast of his dreams. The first five or so minutes he spent placing the chocolate chips strategically around the pancake stack. He also removed the lollipop (smart kid). He then took his fork and attacked the top pancake.
We all know kids have some weird eating habits. I did as a kid and so did my kids. How many of my kindergartners licked all the frosting off the cupcake and threw out the cake? Hundreds! At dinner later that evening, our waitress told us that her 14 year old never eats any vegetables or fruit or meat just milk, water and cereal. The kid has never been sick a day in his life--not even a cold! Who knows, maybe he's on to something!
Anyway, don't order those pancakes. Horton never even showed up!

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