Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm a Little Bit Clairvoyant

I used to collect cow stuff. I had stuffed cows and ceramic cows and appliances with cow spots and even cow clothes. I do not collect them any more--somewhere over the years I just got a little tired of it. I now call it my cow phase.
I told my sister once (quite some time ago) that chickens would be the next big "thing." So imagine my not so surprise when we were in Michael's the other day and there was a whole aisle dedicated to TAH-Dah!--chickens. I knew it. It may have taken a while but I just knew it.
On Sunday, my son was coming over to go shopping for his new place. I had just gotten the phone to call him when he pulled in the drive. See what I mean?? Are you seeing a pattern here?
Sometimes my ability scares me a little. Like I knew that George Bush was going to win both times(do not confuse that with voting for him). My son has a theory that in the last election somehow the majority of people were brainwashed somehow. He may be right. I am trying to fight off the creepy, clairvoyant feeling that it could happen again.
Did you see the candidates on the WWF??? What the????????? You don't have to be clairvoyant to see that they are all a little desperate for one reason or another. Hillary called herself "Hill-rod", Barack said "wail till you see what Barack is cooking" and McCain said that he has McCainiacs. I don't know what any of that means but it all sounds desperate to me. I am having a clairvoyant moment that tells me that none of them knew what that meant either!!
Anyway it is a huge responsibility to have this talent-even a little bit. I can't predict the weather or any important event but ask me what comes after chickens and I might just know!!

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Brian said...

Obama actually said "Can you smell what Barack is cookin'?" which is a play on what the Rock used to say.

McCain was playing on another wrestler's catch phrase, also, but I'm not sure which. My wrestling knowledge is very limited.

I don't know what Clinton was doing.

Really. What is she doing? Why is she still running? Just stop.