Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home again, Home again....

I am sleep deprived or jet lagged or something. We got in late last night and were home before we knew it. I am so glad my house was in order thanks to my hard work before we left. I just don't want to clean house right now since I am staring at a mountain of laundry!! Isn't that always the worst part of vacation?? All that dirty laundry you have to drag home and get done.
Anyway, my eyes are half open, my hair is a little sideways and I don't really want to straighten it. I am not tired but lethargic. I'd rather be tired! So it is a good thing all the dishes are clean and the sheets are new and the towels all fluffy. Thank you, Susan!!(from myself)
Our daughter was a tireless hostess. She has two jobs and she still made time to haul us around and feed us(she even cooked one night and it was delish!!) She treated us to Spamelot at the Wynn and bought the wine for dinner. She gladly slept on her couch(which is brand new and beautiful) and shared her bathroom space. All us girls know how hard that is! Three in a bathroom...Yikes!!
Our son did his fair share too. He looked after the cat and brought in the newspaper. The cat was happy and the newspapers were piled neatly on Kevin's chair, ready to be read. It is really great to know someone you trust is looking after things while you are gone.
Getting away is always fun and this was no exception and (except for the laundry) coming home is not too bad either.

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