Thursday, April 10, 2008

Man, oh,Man II

Yesterday at the Cleveland airport A man was ahead of me(there was one guy between us turned out he was Japanese with little English--another story) and he left his ticket where he put his items in those little bins they give you. By the way, those are on an automatic return now and it is much easier. Anyway, I told the Japanese guy and he yelled TICKET at the guy. Not looking the least bit worried, the man picked up his ticket and carried on with his business. Now if I had left my ticket anywhere even for the briefest of moments, I would be having a spaz attack to end all spaz attacks. He was fine with it.
Then as I am getting my belongings after getting checked in, there is one shoe sitting on the end of the belt. Three guesses...the same guy!!! I called out to him and he came and got it and smiled at me and said that he probably would need it and went on his merry way. Now this was no old guy. Probably in his sixties(not old, my young readers)...he didn't have a wife to look out after him in the airport!
Then we went to get a bite to eat. Three men in their thirties were on the phone with the same person, passing it around so it piqued my interest so I started to eavesdrop.(Oh, you do it too!!) Well, the one fella says, she is really skinnier than ever did you see her legs and she might have to go back to the hospital. What kind, caring men. probably a family member with an eating disorder.
Then the subject turns to how much their kids weighed when they were born. Theses are men, I think to myself, way to go. The one guy says oh his kids only weighed 10 lbs together. One was 6lbs5oz and I am thinking to myself now(and the other one was a peanut?????) but the other one was 5lbs 110z so they must have added up to around 12. I swear that is what he said. now i am really fascinated and this same knucklehead says that they were at the hospital for 18 hours. And Kim(the wife, poor girl) had a epidural and didn't feel a thing. They gave it to her after 12 hours of labor!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear that is what he said. What in the heck did he think she was feeling for the 12 hours before she got it!
I am proud to tell you that I didn't crack up laughing in the guy's face but I am going to call poor Kim and tell her next time--he should have the labor!!

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