Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How High the Moon?

Last night I saw these Russian acrobats on Fremont Street in Vegas. Fremont St. is the old fashioned rinky dink Vegas with lots of lights, cheap food, large drinks, and entertainment. It is a blast. It is where you see that famous cowboy neon sign--there's a girl one too,
Anyway these acrobats were astounding. Two young men held a little gal up on this springy pole. They had it on their shoulders. She would steady herself and give a sign and they would flex their knees and so would she and she would shoot up off that thing like a rocket and jump high and do maybe a sommersault or two and then land back on the pole. OHMYGOSH!
I never really saw anything like it before. I wonder how they ever got the idea to do it. I wonder if their mothers know they do it. Oh, it's not so bad for the boys but that little girl(not too young just tiny)! Does her mother know what she does for a living? No net , no nothing. Just a bunch of Vegas revelers applauding her efforts.
If I was her mom I wouldn't never be able to watch her perform. I'd be there with my eyes shut!

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