Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How Can Wright Be So Wrong?

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright must be enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. After all, this man of God(???) is single-handedly trying to ruin the campaign of Barack Obama. I just wonder what his agenda is.
Apparently, he has always been a vehement critic of the country's treatment of its black citizens as he should be. Black people have had shoddy treatment. No one can deny that. All you have to do is think back to some of the television news reports you have seen over the years. Blacks being beaten, blasted with water hoses, kept out of schools, the list goes on and on. I think resentment is not a shocking outcome of that kind of treatment.
But now, a black man, one of his former parishioners, has the opportunity to become the president of the United States. Really. Not just a token black candidate but a viable contender. How on earth does Wright justify his rantings when he knows that Obama is so tied to him even if it is only in name and a past relationship? Maybe once, he might have done it and then realized his error and not done it again but no-o-o, he just keeps at it getting more critical and grotesque with every passing speaking event.
So I'm thinking, Wright doesn't really care about his people or the injustice, he only cares about Jeremiah Wright and becoming famous. What other explanation there could be escapes me.
Reverend Wright, you are dead WRONG!!!

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