Monday, April 28, 2008

Man, Oh Man III

Okay, I have to talk about the NBC news reporter Ron Allen. He has been covering the Obama campaign for the last few months and he just cracks me up. He has the saddest looking face I have ever seen. I call him Ron"I lost my dog" Allen. When they show him reporting and then cut to Obama, it is like watching the tragedy and comedy masks come to life. Even when he has good news, Ron looks sad. I think he's on a nationwide quest to find that darn, elusive dog!
Then, I saw that Gary Coleman is on Divorce Court. He is divorcing his 22 year old wife. His problem is he is just so angry--all the time. Remember when he was a little guy and he always looked so cute and eager? Now he looks all scowly and he has shaved off most of that cute little Afro. Apparently, one of the bones of contention is sex. He was a virgin when they got married(eight months ago--he's 40) so apparently he is having a little trouble with the finer points (i know I know I didn't want to know this either) and he doesn't want kids but he promised her one.
And my favorite, Wesley Snipes, is going to do jail time for not paying his taxes. Oh my gosh, did Hollywood learn nothing from Willy Nelson? The government really wants their money. I love Wesley. I think he is handsome and I even loved the movies he made called Blade ( the original and the two sequels). He pranced around in this long leather coat and he had all kinds of weapons for killing vampires; not my usual cup of tea but for him, I was willing to make an exception. And now he has to go to jail for the stupidest reason!
Speaking of stupid, did you see the President this weekend?? He was doing his favorite style of dancing -you know that weird booty shaking thing he does?? IN NEW ORLEANS!!! I'm sure they loved that--he couldn't send aid during Katrina but he can dance up a storm there now. How does he keep going?? Then he was at some journalist dinner and couldn't hear what was said so he had to be told and boy did he yuck it up! The comedian could hardly keep a straight face. Then I saw him make a serious speech but I don't know what it was about because I was totally distracted by the Secret Service guy in the background who looked like he thought he was hiding behind a bush but you could see him. It was a riot.
Anyway, now this morning I am seeing my favorite man--the dentist. Hope he has paid his taxes, has no anger issues, and doesn't try dancing during my appointment! And I dearly hope he hasn't lost his dog!

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