Sunday, April 27, 2008


Someday I plan ahead what I am going to write about. I was going to write about Man,Oh, Man III today but it will have to wait. Fate intervened. I ran over a squirrel this morning on my way home from the grocery store.
I used to do a great imitation(at least I think it is pretty funny) of those squirrels who dash out into the street when cars are coming down the road. You know the ones who hesitate in the street like they don't know what to do? I used to do a darn funny dialogue of what was going on in its head. I will never do it again.
Years ago, when my kids were pretty little I ran over a pigeon. I never liked pigeons and I really didn't fee l bad at all. My kids were just horrified that I wasn't more upset and they were sure I was an unfeeling person(just for that moment they have since gotten over it). I always thought pigeons were dirty creatures and I wasn't much of a bird fan.(That all changed when my sister got her little bird, PJ) I really didn't feel that bad about it.
I also hit a creature of the night. I'm not sure if it was a raccoon or a badger but it was on the way home from a trip to NY with my daughter and my best friend. First I saw the glowing eyes, then My car bumped and the tires went flup, flup and I clutched the steering wheel for all I was worth. I heard a voice say just keep going--I thought it was my best friend but she swears not so I think it was my guardian angel(or hers). Never felt bad at all--scared out of my wits but not sorry.
Why is a squirrel so different? I have to admit I burst into tears as soon as I saw the poor little thing in my rearview mirror. Before I hit it I just saw a little flash of that tannish grey color of its little body and I hoped I would miss. But the bump was unmistakable and then I saw the remains. Maybe because it happened so fast and its little life was snuffed out like nothing. I don't know. But say a little prayer for the departed. I did and I hugged my cat for good measure.
One thing for sure, even if someone begs me I will never do my impression of the panicked squirrel ever again.

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