Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Miracle in Cleveland

Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus have been missing for almost a decade here in Cleveland.  Their disappearances were eerily alike and very frightening because there was no trail or scrap of evidence.
Every year on the anniversary of their disappearances, their family and friends would hold a vigil.  Every once in a while, the police would get a lead and go digging in someone's garage or a yard but nothing would be found.
And for every good reason!  Amanda and Gina were alive and being held hostage right here in Cleveland.  Another girl named Michelle was with them.  She was abducted too but since she was over 18 at the time, she was considered missing by choice.
Yesterday, we were stunned to find out that all three girls lived.  A happy ending to a ludicrous story.
I have written this before the details of their trials and tribulations are released because I just want to bask in the joy of their return.  Imagine their families.  How happy and relieved they must be.
The whole situation reminded me of a book we read in book club called ROOM.  It was about an abducted girl and the child she bore while in captivity.  It is pretty realistic and gives you a sense of what a girl might go through.
We know that at least one child is involved in the Cleveland scenario.  How this will impact their young lives, we can only speculate.  All I know is that it took guts and determination to get away from their captor on everyone's part including those kids.
Ten years is a really long time to be held against your will.  I hope the girls get to do many things they have missed through the years.  I hope they have giant birthday parties and Christmas presents and great food and trips to Cedar Point.  I hope they get to spend as much time as they can doing the things they want to do.
Freedom is a precious thing.  Just ask Michelle, Gina and Amanda.

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