Friday, May 31, 2013

I'm No Superman

I have the best surprise going for my DH who is a giant Superman fan and even in his younger days looked quite a bit like him.  Our DD always thought he was the real deal.  No one ever disavowed her of that thought.  Don't worry, she knows now.
I can't divulge my secret here in case DH reads this blog. It is so cool and something I have meant to do for a few years now and just never got around to it.  Since Superman is 75 years old this year, I guess it is a perfect time for a super surprise. 
After Father's day I will post a pic of it right here, I promise.
Superman has seen many incarnations in comics, television and movies.  There is a new movie coming out in a couple of weeks.  They say it is a little dark compared to other Superman interpretations.  Ok, I can do dark Superman.  I always thought he seemed a little jolly for someone who was sent to an unknown planet to have heaven knows what happen to him.
Lucky for him, Ma and Pa Kent did a great job of raising him with good morals and respect for his powers.  If it hadn't been for them, Superman could have turned out like.....well, Lex Luthor.
I never really read Superman comics but I sure watched the TV show.  I loved that plucky little Lois Lane almost as much as Superman, I mean, Clark did.  Even though she was a little stupid about him.  Come to think of it, everyone he knew in Metropolis must have been a little stupid not to see behind those glasses and that bumbling manner.
Lucky for them, Superman was raised well and was tolerant of stupidity.  Oh, yes, I also think he loved saving their butts.
Anyway, Superman is old now for a Superhero--seventy five is pretty old to be leaping tall buildings in a single bound.  Let's all hope he keeps bounding for seventy five more!

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