Thursday, May 16, 2013

Throwing a Curve Ball

I am a Curves girl as you probably know by now.  I go five days a week with my WP.(workout partner)  It is quite a place.  WP loves it so much she almost bought one!  Saner heads prevailed however.  Apparently, if you want to make big bucks, Curves ownership is not the way to go.
Our Curves is an interesting place to work out.  It is in a strip mall and it is in the front of the building.  There is also a back to the place with other businesses.
That's where this story takes place.  A new business opened and  it has the same address as Curves except it's in the back of the building.  They have Suite numbers but I guess this business keeps theirs a secret.  It is apparently a place that hires a lot of college kids to do phone sales or door to door.  Since they have the secret suite number, many of these kids show up at Curves.  A lot are guys.
Now guys at Curves make us mighty uncomfortable.  See we are a women's gym.  Not a girl's gym where everyone is in spandex and short shorts.  No, we are a bunch of women who wear oversize tee shirts and sweat pants.  In the summer some of us change to shorts but not everyone.
So guys tend to intimidate us.  We don't want anyone to look at us really, not even one another. But especially not guys.  Or any stranger for that matter.
Yesterday, the young girl who works at Curves had a kid(a girl this time) come in and ask about the other business.  Our girl told her where it was and sent her on her way.
End of story, right?  Wrong.
Two hours later(yes, two hours) an older gentleman came in and started in on our girl wanting to know where his granddaughter was!  He saw her come in and she never came out.(according to him)  So two hours later, he finally got worried.  Our girl tried to explain the situation but he was adamant and rude and abusively talking to her.  She called the owner who explained the situation to the grandfather and he said he was calling the police.  She said go ahead and then our owner called the police.
Well, the police arrived and asked him if he was causing trouble and he said no, he was looking for his granddaughter( who he must have thought was chained up in one of the dressing rooms) and they sent him on his way.
My favorite part of the story is that members who were working out told our girl to get in his car and show him where to go.  WHAT??????????????  Are they crazy?  After what just happened here in Cleveland?  In this day and age?  What were they thinking?
Well, the upshot is, she didn't.  Smart girl. 
I think all those members need to be told off but good by the owner but she's too nice. 
So, you can see Curves is an interesting place to work out and I haven't even told you about the Guinea Pig lady.  I'll save her for another day.

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