Friday, May 10, 2013

No Blog for You

Yesterday, I was out in the yard and the day before too.  That's why no blog.  You may be wondering what in the world I am talking about since my last post was a giant whine about how I can't be out in the yard.  OTC allergy meds to the rescue!  Took one day before yesterday and pulled weeds and bought bushes and plants, replanted my flower container that looks like a watering can.
Yesterday, I did mulch and river rock.  I was at Lowe's all by my lonesome to buy mulch.  The bags were huge and pretty heavy.  The river rock wasn't quite as bad if you got hold of it the right way.
Anyway, this little old lady who must have weighed 98 lbs. soaking wet asked me if I needed help!  I thought maybe she was offering up her husband but since he was sheepishly holding her purse, I think she wanted to help me herself!
Now I am not tiny and I don't think I looked like I was struggling so I don't know why she offered.  Maybe she was just showing off.
I got everything loaded and went to the checkout.  The young girl asked me if I needed someone to help me to the car.  I wanted to say who in the heck do you think got this stuff on the pallet?  But I asked her instead if they would come home with me to unload.  She laughed and said no so I thanked her just the same and said that if I had to lift them at home, I better practice now.
Spread the mulch and I think I need to buy a little more.  But next time DH is so coming with me!  He can hold my purse!!

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