Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wholesome Harry

This is Harry in Vegas. Oh, sorry, Prince Harry.  He was wild and crazy and well, a kid.  His reputation was shot to the blazes.  He was considered a party boy and reckless to say the very least.  Personally, I kinda liked this Harry.  I was glad that a royal could let his hair down and have some age appropriate fun.  I'm sure he didn't do anything worse than a lot of kids his age.  His misfortune is that what happened in  Vegas didn't stay in Vegas because of who he is.  Most kids in Vegas don't have cameras following their every move.
He probably drank too much, got too loud and met a lot of babes, willing babes, I'm sure.  He probably felt like crap the next day due to a hangover or more likely, due to the pictures that were released.
The Queen probably wept.  I cheered.

This is Harry at the Warrior Games.  He is saving his reputation by stepping up to the plate.  He has met with vets.  He is the perfect candidate to do so having served in the military himself.  He was no slouch either.  He's a pilot and an officer.  Every time you see him, he is in uniform talking to a disabled vet and doling out hugs and encouragement.  His behavior has been beyond pristine.
I like this good Harry too.  I like him better than Vegas Harry to be honest. First, because I think his mom would be so proud of him.  Second, because it's not some fake state visit. Third, because what's not to like?
He's cute, he's game, he's a little wild, he's a good sport and he stepped up to the plate like a man.
I hope Harry still gets to be bad Harry once in a while.  It'll help keep him sane in this insane world.  I just hope he doesn't get caught.
In the mean time, well done, Harry!
The Queen smiles, I cheer.

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