Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother's Love

Above you can see my children...not Tigger, just the other two.  If you're thinking my DD looks like Cinderella, you'd be right.  It was Halloween at Disney and that's what she was going for.
It seems like yesterday that my kids were babies. I still remember their soft skin and their little voices.  I remember DD saying, Me too.  I remember my son saying, Mommy, Popeye!  He had for some reason latched on to Popeye when he was one or so.  DD just had to do everything her brother did hence the Me too.
Their school years flew by too.  We went to band concerts and plays.  We drove them back and forth for events.  I know who were their favorite teachers and some funny stories about them.
College years sped by too.  DD was in Oklahoma.  Son did his time at KSU.  I retired the first year they both attended college.  What was I thinking?
Now they are adults who have great jobs and lovely homes.  They are responsible and caring. They even like hanging out with us.
Yesterday was Mother's Day and we spent it together.  They made me their famous salmon dinner and got me the new blender I had my eye on.  I could have had a hot dog and no gift, the best gift being the two of them. Don't tell them though, I love being spoiled a bit.
Loving your kids changes over the years.  I still want to protect and keep them from harm and frankly, would love to run their lives.  But I know that time is over.  I'm still here for them and once in awhile, they even need me.
So I guess this is what I have to say about a mother's love.  It never ends but it changes and flows.  I can tell you one thing though.  It never, ever goes away. 

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