Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The other morning, when I got up, I looked just like this kid.  Just the hair of course.  It got me to thinking about the commercial with all the babies who get up and have bedhead and the music in the background is I Feel Pretty.
Believe me, when you get up looking like this, you don't feel pretty.
Which brings me to the subject of babies in commercials.  I never could stand those Etrade commercials with the talking babies.  They reminded me of the old Clark bar ads where the animals said I want a Clark Bar.  It always scared me a little....especially the camel.
Then there is that dancing baby who is having a fit that his parents are more interested in soda than in him.  I really don't like that. It's just too contrived and CG for me.
If a baby is in a commercial, they should just be a baby.  That's why I like the I Feel Pretty one.  I don't even know what the product is!  Have you ever noticed that?  You can see an engaging commercial over and over and still not know what they are advertising.
My favorite at the moment is an ad for a car.  The couple brings in their baby to choose the car for them.  He is a talking baby but a real talking baby.  He says gibberish and they all respond like they understand what he is saying.  The only thing he says that has meaning is a tiny little YAY.  He does a LALALALALA thing and the saleswoman thanks him for complimenting her hairstyle.  I love it.
Apparently, babies make for good sales.  And that's fine.  Just let them be babies, well, not crying babies or tantrum babies or smelly babies or spit up babies..................................
If you're going to exploit babyhood in order to sell your product, then let the baby be a natural.

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