Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Driving Amnesia

Saturday, I had a discussion with WP and her DH about driving amnesia.  I never heard the phenomenon called that but here's what it is.   Did you ever stop at a light or get ready to turn into a street and wonder how in the world you got there?
It has happened to me and I guess it happens to a lot of people.  Poor WP  thought she was the only one it ever happened to and had never mentioned it in all these years to anyone. She thought she was nuts.
It only happens on a familiar path.  In a way, it's like autopilot.  It happens to me sometimes on the way home from the gym--a trip I make five days a week.
I even remember the first time it happened to me.  It was when I first started driving and I had headed out during my lunch hour.  I stopped for a  light  and thought  How did I get here so fast?  It scared me and I thought I'd never let that happen again. HA!
Driving amnesia probably doesn't cause as much trouble as texting or talking on the phone or even reaching for your coffee cup and glancing down for a second.
I don't think you can control it either.  Remember my sworn oath?  That was many years ago and it happens to me a lot.
So the next time you are about to pull in your driveway and you wonder how in the world you got there, just think of me.  I'm probably doing the same thing.

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