Wednesday, May 29, 2013

As I Recall

There is a recall on my car.  It is only about two and a half years old.  I know a recall can happen at any time but I was shocked since I've never had a car recalled in my life.
The whole situation will be handled by next week but I'm not happy I got recalled. 
Anyway, it got me thinking about recalling.  I met three old friends for lunch yesterday and we were laughing about how easy it is to remember something from thirty years ago but from three weeks ago or a year ago, well, as the saying goes, fuggetaboutit.
I can remember the names of practically every child in my first class in 1971 but only a handful from my last class in 2000.
The stuff you remember is pretty odd too.  I remember mean things that people did to me and mean stuff I did.  I remember what I wore on certain occasions.(because that is vital information)  I remember some cute things my kids did when they were little. If they mentrion something that they did recently, chances are I've forgotten all about it.
Oh, not the important stuff.  Just day to day living stuff.
The old friends and I all agreed that not remembering stuff is a pain in the rear end and potentially embarrassing. But we all agreed that we remembered each other very well and that was the important thing.
If you are young and reading this, you might think I am being silly. Not being able to recall some incidents should be a blessing. Then why does it feel like a curse?

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