Friday, May 3, 2013


I had straight hair my whole life and I wore it many, many ways and even had perms to make it curly to be in the style of the day.  I believe my mother referred to my hair as straight as a poker. 
So you'll understand when I say that one time as I was about to get my hair cut, I complained to my hairstylist about one little piece by my ear that kept turning out no matter what I did to it.
HMMM she said.  Maybe your hair is curly.  So we grew it and guess what at a certain point it was curly.  Not too short, not too long but just right.  Kinda like Goldilocks.
I don't have corkscrew curls and I don't have waves.  I have curls...mostly.
There are some parts of my hair that still are stubbornly kinda straight.  I have to curling iron them into submission but it works.
I have to say I think my curls are my new vanity.  I like them.  They are feminine and soft and flattering.  I have written about them more than once I believe so you can see I may be a little obsessed.
My worst nightmare is that I wake up one morning and the curls are gone and my hair is straight as a poker again.  I have it frequently and am always relieved when I get up and look in the mirror and there they are--somewhat squished and flattened but still there.  Thank Goodness.
Now nobody would mistake me for Goldilocks up there but a lot of people wonder if I got a perm lately.  I say no and they go THAT'S NATURAL?  People would pay big bucks to have hair like that.
And I just love it!!!

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