Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rock Steady

I never got the reasoning behind climbing rocks.  What is the fun of it?  If you fall, you are injured....possibly dead if it is a big enough rock.  So I begrudgingly headed off with the family to climb rocks.  I would just watch.
Actually, not just watch but patrol...because if I'm watching them no one can get hurt, right?  So patrol I did.  The problem was if I stood still for more than a fraction of a second a billion or so gnats would swarm around me.
So I walked around and stood on mini boulders that only required one step up.  That got boring so I continued to walk around.  And for all their big talk, the family didn't climb as many boulders as they had planned.
In this picture we are at Boulder City Park in Salamenca, NY.  You couldn't climb here but it's the only picture I could access right now.  It gives you an idea though.
Where the real climbing was going on was in Allagany park.  The boulders there were big and craggy and made for climbing.  From up high, you could see some beautiful vistas.
I still was on patrol along with another mom who confessed she was afraid of heights and usually Dad took the kids but he was no where to be seen and I didn't want to ask.
So, I stood on rocks and kept walking but then.....my kid were on a rock that was shaped just like a ramp and at the top it only looked like a couple of pretty easy steps to the top.  If I could go up there I would be able to see more and I will have conquered one of my fears---tumbling to my death from a boulder onto another unforgiving boulder.
So I did it.  Really.  It was fun(OMG, did I just say that?)
I guess that you can try new things all through your lifetime and some of them may turn out to be a piece of  well, rock!
P.S. Found the pic I wanted.

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