Sunday, May 12, 2013

Whirling Dervish

Yesterday we had a lovely dinner at Mon Ami winery with Sis and her family.  The food was glorious, the wine was delicious and the company was divine...well, except for this guy.
This old gentleman was the John Travolta of the Geritol set.  He bounced, he flipped, he spun.  He danced with two friends.  Another old guy who hardly moved and an energetic old woman who might have gotten all the attention if it wasn't for the guy in the picture above.
A crowd gathered around him to watch his moves and when he finished his first dance, the applause were spontaneous.
Needless to say, the  cell phone generation started taking pictures and movies as soon as he got going. Now, someone who is that ,shall we say, out there should expect some attention, wouldn't you think?
Not this guy.  He didn't like it at all.  You can't tell but in this pic he is giving my son the finger because he noticed him taking a picture.  My nephew took a movie and the guy approached him at our table and God only knows what he ranted at the poor kid because my nephew doesn't have a clue.  It was too loud in there to hear yourself think.  I'm thinking that may not have been a bad thing under the circumstances.
The guy could be an Internet sensation if he had slapped on a smile and appreciated that this is how this generation rolls.  They may have been making a little fun of him but it was tinged with admiration and hope that maybe when you're that old, all is not lost!

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Nancy Pennick said...

If you dress like that and dance like that, especially at that age, you're bound to get noticed. He needs to tone it down if he doesn't want all the attention...or maybe he does?