Monday, May 27, 2013

Quit Horsin' Around

Yessirree, that's me there on a horse.  We're havin' a little chat.  She said, What in the H are you doin'?  I said, I'm riding you so let's go.
I never rode a horse since I was about thirteen years old.  It was a horrible experience which started with me falling over the side of the horse as I tried to mount.  This time, I got a block. Got on, no problem.  They offered it right up too.  One of the perks of being in my sixties, I guess.
Anyway, this was no meander around a field.  We crossed a creek and got a drink of water...well, the horse did.  Then we went up in the hills and went up and down, through trees and mud, occasionally stopping for the slow horses to catch up.
My horse, Luna, should have been in the Kentucky Derby.  She was dying to be first and got really pissed off  if we weren't.  She battled it out mostly with my son's horse, Beauty, who was a Percheron and had and enormous.....behind.  Luna loved that big butt.  She got as close as she could.  When she tried to slip past, Beauty just moved that big ole butt right in front of her.  It was hilarious.
That old song about liking big butts was in my head the whole time.
After the hour long ride, you really felt like you had ridden a horse. 
We all had a great time until we didn't.  As we were walking away to the car, I started to sneeze and by the time we got to the hotel, about ten minutes away, I was in the middle of a full blown allergy attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Say, what????????????????
Oh, yes and I'm still suffering the effects of it as I write this.  So I'll never be a cowgirl.
And I'll never be in a rodeo or a round up.  I had the last horse ride of my life but it was a great one!

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