Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Merry Month of May

Today starts one of my favorite months.  Even though Mayday is usually a distress call, there is nothing stressful about the month of May. 
Everyone's  yard is green--really green.  Flowering trees are in full bloom and the air smells sweet like...well, spring.
April is part of spring supposedly but believe me it rarely feels like it around here.  It's usually cold and rainy and snowy and winter-like.  So when May shows up, I feel joy.
May is Mother's day too.  One of my favorite holidays (haha, of course I'm a mom).
I love our family time together and they always treat me with something I really really want.  Like the year they made me a lobster tail.  Good thing they had Google.  Or the time when I was dieting that my DD made us a wonderful brunch with all their recipes.
One of my favorite people in the world has his birthday in May.  My Sis' husband is the cream of the crop.  He is kind and loving and has always been there for us. Plus he's fun and funny.  Isn't that a wonderful combination?  It's no wonder we all love him so much.
I have to remember a sad day in May too.  I attended Kent State when the shootings occurred.  It was awful and scary and surreal.  I'm pretty sure I've gone into detail about it before so I won't now but trust me it was an event you would never forget.
My dad's birthday was in May also.  What a guy he was.  He wanted us to be happy.  He was kind and loving and supportive.  Plus he was fun and funny.  Hey, that sounds familiar.  Someone else in our family is just like that.  Maybe it's just luck, but I think it's our best blessing.
I miss my dad all the time.  He was taken from us way to soon.  But I only have good memories of him and once in a while, if I'm real still and let my mind be at peace, he comes to see me.  Now that's a blessing.

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