Saturday, May 11, 2013

Star Struck

So, not that long ago, my daughter and I were out shopping together near her home and she said oh, look, there's Squiggly.  In my defense, it was windy and she was ahead of me so what she really said is Oh, look there's Spike Lee.   Sonofagun, the kid she pointed out looked just like Spike Lee down to the glasses.
Another time, we were at the gym together and I said Oh,look there's LLCoolJ.  He looked just like LL, he really did.  DD even agreed with me.
So I've been on the lookout for "stars" ever since.  I've come up completely empty until today at Target.  I saw Rob Lowe walking down an aisle.  I was with DH so I didn't even joke that it was him.  DH might not even hear me since he is down one hearing aid as of this morning.
Anyway, in the parking lot, I saw Anthony Edwards( you may know him as "Goose" in Top Gun or from ER).  The kid looked just like him down to the glasses.  Wow, a twofer.  It pays to be patient.
Today we are heading out to a winery with Sis and family so I'm hoping for another sighting.  Stars like wine, right?
P.S.  My son told us yesterday that he saw Captain Picard from Star Trek in the drugstore.  See what I mean?   We live  practically in Hollywood!

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