Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fifty Somethings

Yesterday, a man came to repair my new chair.  It had a little hole in the fabric in the back corner.  Believe it or not, that picture is the exact chair.  I just typed in chair pic in Google and there it was! 
You should have heard this guy.  He was in his fifties and he was grunting a groaning so much you'd think he was moving an elephant instead of a chair.  He was on his knees working a groaned every time he had to move.  It was very disconcerting.  I felt like I should help him.   I didn't.
He did a great job though so I can't complain.
Today, I took my car into Sears Auto Center to be fixed.  I had a tire repaired there on Saturday and the wheel kinda wobbled at highway speed so it needed to be balanced.  This fifty something man was not nice.  He did not moan and groan but he didn't like it that I said it needed balancing and he wanted to know if I wanted all of them balanced because if they did just one and it wasn't right something else could be wrong.  I wanted to scream at him, my car is only two years old!!!!!!!!!!  Nothing was wrong with it when I brought it in other than a tire that lost air too fast.
I didn't.
When it was finally done(in an hour and 15 minutes, REALLY??) he asked me to come up and check out.  He said I have to ring you up.  Once again, I was ready to scream, you did this not me.  I didn't.  I'm glad too.  Turns out the guy was a trainee.  Imagine being in your fifties and being a trainee.  That has to be hard to swallow.  So I just gave him my best smile and it ended up the whole thing was free as I thought it should be.
While I was waiting(an hour and 15 minutes, REALLY??)  a guy came in to fix their air conditioning.  After several days of 90 degree weather today it is less than 60 so there he was.  All he kept saying was how old the whole thing was and he had worked on this kind a long time ago.  After he was "alone"(after all, I was still there) he called a company to get advice on how to fix the darn thing.  He was very appreciative too.
Three guesses how old he was!  You got it, in his fifties.
So what is up with these guys?  In my opinion they are still young.  Why did they act so old? One was groany, one was snotty and one was.... well, inept.
Give me a guy in his eighties or thirties any day but keep those fifty somethings away from me!

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