Friday, May 24, 2013

The Purple Truck

So, DH is a pretty conservative guy.  He doesn't wear snazzy clothes.  It's hard to even get him to wear stripes.  Forget pink.  He is strictly a polo shirt and khaki kind of guy.
So imagine my surprise when he admired a bright purple truck with some big contraption on the front-- a spoiler or something like that.
It is in the lot of a local car dealer and when I saw it I jokingly said, There's your next car.  He sighed and said he loved it.  So I just kidded him that our future grandchildren and their car seats would have to be tied to the bed of the truck.
So who knew?  DH would really want a purple truck.  The one in the picture is not shiny or purple enough but it gives you an idea.
Who knows, maybe I'll run that pink shirt past him again!

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